Wendy Ruth Nickerson Memorial Bursary

This annual bursary is in memory of Wendy Ruth Nickerson, born in 1970. Wendy will always be remembered as a most caring and loving person. Wendy was a teacher and guidance counsellor at Barrington Municipal High School.

On her family's initiative, Wendy agreed that a bursary be established in her name to help caring and compassionate students in furthering their education after completing high school. The award should be given to a student who has had a difficult start and has the demonstrated ability to overcome challenges.

The guidance counsellors and principal of Barrington Municipal High School determined the bursary recipient. The financial need and academic achievement of the student were considered in deciding the bursary recipient. The Wendy Ruth Nickerson Memorial Bursary recipients are as follows:

The Wendy Ruth Nickerson Memorial Bursary Fund is no longer accepting donations.

Wendy's Fund is an official registered charity under paragraph 149(1)(f) of Canada's Income Tax Act. As such, the Wendy Ruth Nickerson Memorial Bursary Fund qualifies for tax-exempt status, and issued official charitable organization receipts for income tax purposes for any donations received. Details of the income tax statements made for Wendy's fund are available by clicking on the link "Search the Charities Listing" on the Canada Revenue Agency web page, and then searching for the fund name.

To date, the fund has received donations from more than 120 families, individuals, organizations and businesses.

Last Revised: January 7, 2021 by Brad Nickerson