Memorials for Wendy

These memorials are in lasting memory of Wendy. If you would like to have one posted, please let me know.

  1. This picture (192 KB .jpg file) was painted by Duane Nickerson, Wendy's youngest brother. Duane completed this painting in May of 2006. On the frame of the painting is a plaque that reads:
    oil on panel
    Duane Nickerson
    In memory of Wendy Ruth Nickerson-Eisener,
    beloved daughter, sister and wife.
    Duane donated the painting to the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre, and we think the painting is currently displayed on the fifth floor of the Victoria or Dickson Building. If anyone knows precisely where the painting is located, please let me know.

  2. The "Wendy" is a strawberry variety named by Andrew Jamieson, one of Wendy's brothers-in-law. Andrew is a research scientist with Agriculture Canada. His job includes cultivating new strawberry varieties, one of which received the "Wendy" moniker in 2006. A picture (117 KB .jpg file) of a beautiful box of Wendy strawberries is here. Andrew and his coauthors published a paper describing the Wendy strawberry, including it's pedigree, in HortScience in June 2009, vol. 44, no. 3, pp.836-838. The Wendy strawberry was also awarded a US patent in 2007.

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