A Quiet Presence

For Wendy

Let’s celebrate her life, her deeds,
In filling other people’s needs,
As daughter, teacher and a friend,
Her loving spirit has no end.

Her energies were wisely spent,
In learning; which was evident,
By how she taught those younger souls,
To follow through and reach their goals.

She found her “Love”, she found her place,
With smiling eyes, and smiling face,
She chased her dreams, then saw the light,
With inner peace her heart took flight.

She knew her way, her path was clear,
And in the end she had no fear,
Receiving gold untouched, silken wings,
In God’s unearthly choir she sings!

* The only loss here, is if we had never spent time with her at all. Besides sweet memories, Wendy reminded us all, how precious each day is and the people around us. Hold that close to your hearts and remember. *

Cheryl D. Baker