The day had come that you had to go,
I knew it was coming, but now it was so.
You were gone away to a different place.
I could no longer see your loving face.
At first I laughed, it didn't seem real.
I had no idea how it was going to feel.
With smiles and laughter I tried to hide,
The feelings of lonliness deep down inside.
But as the hour drew closer it was hard to do.
It hurt so bad to think of losing you.
When the time finally came, that last goodbye,
I could no longer hide the tears in my eyes.
You were the best friend I ever had.
The one who would listen through the happy and sad.
But life goes on, or so they say.
There is nothing to do, it's the only way.
I will hold you forever, deep in my heart.
Because of our Lord we never will part.
I am sure he will see that we are secure
We will always be close, of that I am sure.
I want you to know that always we are,
Best friends forever, no matter how far.
We will be there together in all that we do,
And most of all, friend, "I love you".

Love Always,